Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Allow me to introduce myself....

Hello, I'm starting this blog so that people will hear more about hypothyroidism in teenage girls. I will also be chronicling my experience with medication and how it affects my symptoms.
So to start off I'd like to say I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism on December 11, 2011. At first I was very upset and felt like a huge burden had been dumped on my shoulders. Then I realized that Hypothyroidism actually explained some problems I've had for years! Extreme fatigue, weight gain, uncontrollable blood glucose levels*, getting cold to the point of being sick in normal weather, and a weak immune system to the point of being sick all the time are all symptoms I experience on a continuous basis.
Today I'm starting my medication. It is very important for me to take my medicine everyday. The medicine takes a while to build up in your system and it goes in and out of your system very quickly. The medicine I'm taking is called Synthroid and the dosage right now is 50mg. The dosage will be upped over time. The reason they start out with a low dose is so that you don't shock your body.